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Our house rules are in place to create a pleasant atmosphere for the guests and staff of Sumventure Flightbar.

– Sumventure Flightbar does not serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18.

– Identification may be required for access control.

– Lost and found items should be turned in at the bar.

– Any complaints can always be reported to the staff and/or manager.

– Sumventure Flightbar accepts no liability for theft or damage to personal property.

– Possession and use of drugs, weapons, and/or any items that can be used as a weapon are strictly prohibited.

– Vandalism and theft are prohibited. We will file a report and complaint in case of vandalism or theft.

– Using violence, discrimination, and/or sexually harassing anyone is prohibited.

– Smoking is not allowed in our bar. There is a smoking area available on the terrace.

– Bringing your own drinks and/or food to Sumventure Flightbar is not allowed.

– Pets are allowed only with prior consent.

– You must have a neat appearance and not wear sportswear or footwear.

– Hats, shoulder/hip bags, or any other offensive clothing are not allowed.

– During access control, you must fully cooperate with our staff, and you may not act dominant or aggressive verbally or physically.

– Discrimination is prohibited.

– Sexual discrimination and unwanted sexual advances are prohibited.

– You may not be under the influence of drugs. Admission may be denied if you are already under the influence of alcohol.

– You must be able to present a valid ID upon request by our staff.

– We reserve the right to deny entry if you have caused problems in the past or have been intentionally involved.

– We do not accept liability for damage, loss, or theft of personal property.

– Glassware may not be taken off the terrace. Until 1:00 am, drinks may be consumed on the terrace. After that, glassware is not allowed on the terrace.

– Smoking is allowed on the terrace at all times.

– You may not take, damage, or move our property. Any damage will be charged to the perpetrator.

– You must always follow the instructions of our security personnel.


Willem van Noortstraat 65
3514 GC Utrecht
030 877 8885


Monday: 16.00 – 00.00
Tuesday: 16.00 – 00.00
Wednesday: 16.00 – 00.00
Thursday: 16.00 – 01.00
Friday: 15.00 – 01.00
Saturday: 15.00 – 01.00
Sunday: 15.00 – 22.00